Team Parents

The Team Parent is a vital component of successful team operations! The Team Parent is the communication and organization center for the team. The team manager, RRLL board, and team families all come to you, providing or looking for information.

Role of the Team Parent

After announcing teams, RRLL holds a Team Parent meeting. At this meeting you’ll get information about RRLL events, tools to help you organize your team, concessions shifts assigned to your team, and much more – including who to contact if you need help!

Team Parents are asked to communicate information about RRLL events, fundraising efforts, volunteer opportunities, and more to your team. You’ll also work with the manager and team families to organize volunteers for games and concession shifts, and to ensure that all volunteer duties are covered.

Teams are responsible for providing scorekeepers, pitch-counters, and umpires on game day. Teams are also responsible for concession duties.


The Roadrunner Board Volunteers are here to help you. There are many volunteers, tools, and resources available to help you.