Volunteers are the lifeblood of Little League! Every aspect of Little league is dependent upon the work of dedicated volunteers, and every person helping makes an enormous difference! Roadrunner volunteers provide thousands of hours anually in support of our community!

Board Members

The RRLL board is entirely volunteers, and everything the board does has the end goal of letting kids play baseball! There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes work that gets done, and if you would like to help, even occasionally, please contact any board member.


RRLL’s concession stand requires the help of all league parents. Opening concessions requires six people! Three in the front and three in the grill. RRLL requires one 4-hour concession shift per player during regular season play, and additional help during tournament play. This is coordinated with the board and the Team Parents.

Team Volunteers

Every team in every division must have:

Team Manager

The team manager not only manages the team during game play, but works closely with other managers, the division VP, and the Team Parent to keep the season and parent volunteer duties organized. If you are interested in becoming a manager, please let the division VP know at the time of registration.


Coaches work with the manager and the players during practices and games. Teams need a minimum of 2 coaches in addition to the manager. If you are interested in being a coach, please let the division VP know at the time of registration.

Team Parent

The Team Parent works closely with the manager, the booster club, and the team families to communicate schedules, volunteer duties, league events, and more. There is more information on the Team Parent page, but if you’re interested in becoming a Team Parent, please contact your team’s manager.


There are a minimum of 2 umpires required for every game; a home plate umpire, provided by the home team, and a field umprire, provided by the visiting team. Being an umpire can be a lot of fun, but there’s also a lot to it. RRLL holds umpire clinics every year to help parents umpire successfully. Please see the calendar for this year’s dates, and more information is available on the Umpires page.


The home team is responsible for providing the scorekeeper for the game. RRLL holds scorekeeping clinics every year to teach parents and older siblings how to scorekeep, as well as refresher courses. Please see the calendar for this year’s dates, and more information on the Scorekeepers page.

Pitch counters / scoreboard operators

Pitch-counters and scoreboard operators are provided by the visiting team for the games. This is a great way to become familiar with scorekeeping! The Team Parent will assign pitch counting and scorekeeping duties for the team.

Field prep / clean up

On fields with a dirt infield, the home team is responsible for prepping the field prior to the game and the visiting team is responsible for cleaning the field after the game. The Team Parent will assign field prep and clean up duties for the team.